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Claim discount or earn upto Rs.10,000 per month




What is this programme?

Uptown Referral Reward Programme is a referral programme where one can refer Uptown Smart Hostels to his/her friends, relatives and acquitances. For this, one has to fill in the form with his/her details and then provide a minimum of 1 (one) and maximum of 5 (five) references per month. In the form, he/she needs to provide Full Name, Phone No. and WhatsApp No. of the friend, relative or acquintance he/she is refering. It is desirable that he/she speaks and takes consent from the person he/she is refering and indicate that they will receive call and WhatsApp message from Uptown Smart Hostels. If the referred person takes admission in Uptown Smart Hostels (any premises), he/she who has provided the reference shall be eligible for the referral reward.

Who can enroll?

All existing, newly enrolled and ex-boarders of Uptown Smart Hostels across all premises can enroll in this programme every month by submitting the form. This programme is not open for staff of Uptown Smart Hostels and outsiders.

How can I claim the reward?

After filling up the form, representative of Uptown Smart Hostels will contact the references provided by the Uptown boarder. Once the refered person takes admission in Uptown, the Uptown boarder who has provided the reference shall become eligible for the referral reward. Reward shall be provided as either referral discount on the next payment cycle of the boarder or a refund in form of cheque issued in favour of the boarder, depending on boarder's discretion. Referral discount or refund shall be Rs.2000/- per admission. Maximum reward for one boarder shall be Rs.10000/- for 5 references (Rs.2000 X 5 = Rs.10,000/-) in a month.

Terms and Conditions

  1. Uptown Referral Reward Programme is open for existing, newly admitted and ex-boarders of Uptown Smart Hostels. This programme is not open for general public or staff of Uptown 

  2. This is a referral programme, not a contest or lottery. Referral rewards will be provided on succesful admission of the referred persons only.

  3. One can enter the referral programme only once every month. Multiple entries shall be summarily rejected.

  4. Maximum of 5 references can be provided by one boarder of Uptown Smart Hostels.

  5. If there is any ambiguity regarding the references provided such as two or more boarders claiming to have provided reference of the same person, the time of submitting the form shall be considered and the earliest submission will be considered valid. Rest shall be rejected.

  6. The references shall be contacted by representative of Uptown Smart Hostels over telephone, WhatsApp messenger and/or by one-on-one conversation and the boarder of Uptown Smart Hostels who has provided the refernce should be fully aware of this before submitting the form.

  7. Promotional offers may be shared with the references over telephone and WhatsApp from time to time from Uptown Smart Hostels.

  8. The contact details of the references shall not be shared with any third party by Uptown Smart Hostels and shall remain proprietary information to Uptown Smart Hostels only.

  9. All admissions shall be as per norms of the admission rules of Uptown Smart Hostels. Minimum duration of stay for a newly admitted person shall be as per the admission norms. 

  10. Maximum amount of Rs.2000/- shall be given out as reward per admission. The same shall be either adjusted with next payment of hostel fee as referral discount after the check-in of the referred person or shall be paid vide cheque within 60 days of check-in of the referred person.

  11. Reward for minimum 1 (one) and maximum 5 (five) referred persons can be claimed by a boarder in a month. Total reward amount (discount or refund) shall not exceed Rs.10,000 per month per boarder. TDS, if mandated by Govt. of India shall be deducted.

  12. This reference programme is valid only if submitted electronically in the Uptown Referral Reward Programme webpage within the website only. References submitted by any other means shall not be accepted for this reward programme.

  13. Incomplete forms without full name and/or contact details shall be rejected and shall not be eligible for the reward programme.

  14. The boarders of Uptown Smart Hostels who submit the form under the Uptown Referral Reward Programme shall indemnify Uptown Smart Hostels against any loss or damage incurred by him/her and/or the referenced person due to telephonic conversation, WhatsAPP messages or any interaction with staff or management of Uptown Smart Hostels.

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